Ancient Traditional
Djaara, Taungurung & Yorta Yorta
First Nations & Indian Healing

Wunyun offer ancient Victorian aroma products that have been passed down from generation to generation. Wunyun also offer a range of cultural healing services.

Peta Hudson

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WUNYUN acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which it conducts business and where possible seeks the proper permission to conduct such business in a culturally respectful way through community engagement.


I am based in Perth and have used Wunyun products in particular the creams, balm, oils and hair care. I must say, I have been challenged with very dry skin in particular around my eyes from wearing glasses to the point where it was burning and scorching my skin. Using Wunyun skin care products with the essential oils is a big part of rehabilitate and rejuvenate my skin. Amazing rehydration and healing for my skin care. Thank you my Sister.


Peta gave me a massage and healing with a smoke ceremony at the beginning. Peta was fabulous. I had experienced a lot of trauma in my life which she actually found in my body as a lump! That was the spot that always felt sore when I had big emotions. Those beautiful warm hands! Amazing. I felt fabulous. If I could get to Peta more often I absolutely would. I can highly recommend her.


Thank you for a wonderful healing session Peta. Your approach was professional and l was guided to feel at ease to open my heart to receive your special gifts. The session was truely wonderful. I recommend your services and love the added bonus of being able to purchase some Aboriginal healing products. I wish you all the very best for the future.


During a really traumatic time in my life I experienced an amazing treatment from Peta. I guess some would call it a relaxation massage but I feel it was much more. Peta's spiritual healing abilities reset my energy flow within my body and her messages to me throughout the treatment were spot on. A couple of years later I was lucky enough to receive a gift from Peta for my daughtet, Indie-Rose. Indie had been having sleeping troubles and calming issues. Peta made a roll on mixture which Indie (5) was able to apply herself when she needed it. We believe, I believe It has helped her drift off to sleep and assist in her healing.


I have known Peta Hudson for a number of years since moving to Victoria from Western Australia. In which I had happened upon a strong, culturally appropriate and competent Healer in Peta, who approached my healing as an Aboriginal woman with sensitivity, compassion and the knowledge of the cultural healing that is needed in this society we live in today. Peta assisted me through my own personal experiences with trauma, which left me enlightened and helped me stay strong as the matriarch of my family. Well before Wunyun became a product name, I have had the privilege of sampling the healing products such as balm, massage oils, cleansers, scrubs and cleansing through smoke which assisted in the releasing of stress and deep seeded trauma, also elevated my anxiety. I have used all products that Peta had given me on my own children and grandchildren, and I’d prefer to use the products that works for my, that is Traditional over shop products. My grandson prefers to use Nana Peta’s eucalyptus chest rub over Vicks when he gets a cold, I rub it on his chest and feet, and he wants to put it on his pillow for a better night sleep. I found the right person in my healing which was forged on a great relationship between trusting Peta’s knowledge as a Healer and her product, the quality, time and respect that she has given and earnt over the years. Peta’s style of healing is unique in her field as an Indigenous Healer. I would highly recommend her to both Indigenous & non-indigenous peoples.


Hi Peta would just like to thank you and @Wunyun Indigenous Healing, your products give me a sense of healing as using some of our mobs traditional medicines is very satisfying. I’ve had massage sessions with you and you are very professional at your job. Thanks for sending your products they were very quick to arrive.


I found my sessions with Peta were an eye-opener for me. I knew that I was holding in a lot of past trauma & never really made time to confront what was holding me back. Peta helped me to heal through understanding, empathy & spiritual guidance. I am fortunate & thankful to of come across Wunyun & Peta.