The Wunyun Story

Peta Hudson is a proud Djaara, Taungurung, and Yorta Yorta medicine woman who has ancestral bloodlines in Indian Healing. Peta is a teacher, a healer and an artist who has overcome adversity and now strives to share her unique Cultural knowledge and practises to help those in the wider community through Wunyun.
After experiencing tragedy in 2012, Peta turned to her memories of her mother making traditional First Nation remedies and felt compelled to honour her journey and the deep matriarchal wisdom embedded in her family line.  Similarly, Peta’s great great grandfather emigrated from India when he was 15 and his knowledge of plants and animals enabled him to create tonics and other healing products for his community. This fusion of Peta’s heritage drives her to revive ancestral healing practises that are in tune with nature.
Today, Peta uses native botanicals, including foraging for bush medicine, to create non toxic, plant-based medicinal products . A qualified massage therapist, Peta draws on her own experience to offer trauma-informed therapeutic practises to offer balance and soul-level healing. Peta is dedicated to lifelong learning and strives to deepen her knowledge and practice in line with the Cultural healing wisdom of her ancestors.

Indira Ghandi

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