Wunyun Winter Balm (120mls)
Wunyun Winter Balm (120mls)
Wunyun Winter Balm (120mls)

Wunyun Winter Balm (120mls)

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Wunyun’s multi-use Winter Balm was created during my journey to discover a gentle and authentic healing product. With my knowledge of essential oils and passion for ancient cultural practices, I blended traditional ingredients of Old Man Weed, Blue Mallee Eucalyptus, Emu Oil and Beeswax with organic virgin Olive Oil to create this unique balm.

The Emu Oil used here is an ancient healing oil foraged locally from the Matriarch of my country. The ingredient Blue Mallee Eucalyptus was treasured by indigenous people for treating colds, cleansing, and smoking ceremonies. This unique fusion resulted in a balm that is now a proud essential in my everyday life. It has given me a product that I feel confident using on my grandkids’ delicate skin, as well as my own. Mums can trust this balm as an ethically sourced product, made on country, that is gentle enough to use on themselves and their bubs.

My Winter Balm allows me to share a strong connection to country through my product. My intention when creating all of my products is to deliver my cultural healing practices to you in a contemporary, easy to use product. Connecting with country is important to me, so if you can’t come to my country, let me bring it to you.


Oil, Emu Oil, Beeswax, Old Man weed, and Blue Mallee Eucalyptus

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