Wunyun Antiseptic Balm  (60mls)
Wunyun Antiseptic Balm  (60mls)
Wunyun Antiseptic Balm  (60mls)

Wunyun Antiseptic Balm (60mls)

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Wunyun’s Antiseptic Balm stemmed from the common issue of dry and sore skin. I strived to bring traditional healing practices to this skin condition using natural, moisture laden, antibacterial ingredients. I developed this Antiseptic Balm by blending traditional ingredients of Emu Oil, Beeswax, Old Man Weed, Organic Virgin Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil.

The Tea Tree Oil used here is a fundamental ingredient when exploring the gentle treatment of sore skin. Tea Tree Oil is a trusted healing agent that has been used by Indigenous people for treating colds, sores and infections over thousands of years. The ingredient Old Man Weed is known as the bush medicine of the elders, especially for wounds, infections and inflammation. This organic blend effectively soothes sore spots without any added harsh ingredients commonly found in other preparations.

My Antiseptic Balm allowed me to hand down my ancestors’ natural remedies for treating irritating skin conditions. My intention when creating all of my products is to deliver my cultural healing practices to you in a contemporary, easy to use product. Connecting with country is important to me, so if you can’t come to my country, let me bring it to you.


Oil, Emu Oil, Beeswax, Old man weed, and tea tree

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