Wunyun Gift Pack

Wunyun Gift Pack

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Give the gift of traditional healing from my country with a Gift Pack of Wunyun products.

This is the ultimate medicine cabinet edition that connects with Ancestors, Country and Spirit.

This special pack is a thoughtful gift for men or women, elders or teenagers rich with traditional healing from Country. Each item is made from native botanicals to create non-toxic plant-based restorative products. 

It includes:

  1. Wunyun Wellness Blend Perfume Roller 
  2. Fragonia Perfume Roller 
  3. Lemon Myrtle Perfume Roller 
  4. Antiseptic Balm
  5. Maya Medicinal Balm
  6. Ngawii Balm
  7. Wunyun Winter Balm
  8. Biik Clay Mask

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